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ALF Corporate Enterprise Edition includes all of the functionality of the Standard Version, and includes the ALF Intranet and the ALF Scanning Assistant modules, both of which are discussed elsewhere. Following is a summary of the additional features and functionality of ALF Corporate Enterprise Edition. Please also refer to the ALF 3.0 feature comparison chart.

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  • New "audit trail" feature (available in MS SQL Server installations only) allow administrative users to audit changes in data; for example, to determine the change history for a person's address, "right click" the address field and choose "Audit History"...

  • ...audit form displays to show old values, new values, the dates of the changes, and the user responsible for the edit.

  • ALF Administrators may define "custom fields" associated with a corporate record ("card") or a person, employee, or "task" for firm-specific, custom data maintenance. Fields are defined in included module ALF Assembler.

  • Custom fields appear on associated tab for card or person.

  • New PDF-form assembly allows users to assemble documents directly to Adobe PDF format. PDF forms are available with all other "task" documents and are saved with the other task-related assembled documents.

  • Corporate ownership charting graphically displays corporate ownership from within corporate record.

  • Click on "hyperlinks" with ownership chart to browse subsidiary holdings in more detail, or holdings of directors.


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