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ALF WebFiler is available both for the COLIN registry database in British Columbia, and for the CORES registry database in Alberta. For details relating to ALF's CORES automation, please click here.

ALF WebFiler is a component of ALF Corporate that automates the process of on-line filing with British Columbia's Corporate Online ("COLIN") database. WebFiler can open a connection to BC Online, sign the user in using that user's BC Online credentials, choose the correct filing to prepare, show the Draft Filing to the user, and - once the Draft is accepted - complete the filing, all without opening up the user's web browser, and all within a matter of seconds.

The advantages of using WebFiler (for which a small fee-for-service applies) include the following:

  • Users don't need to retype information that's already been added to the ALF database.
  • The information sent to COLIN and CORES has already been validated by ALF's data-entry - which itself has been entered quickly and accurately using ALF's "model" structures and data entry shortcuts.
  • Filings complete within seconds instead of minutes.

The result is that corporate filings are simple, fast, and accurate, and corporate staff are much more effective and time-efficient.

An example of using ALF WebFiler for a new incorporation best illustrates the benefits:

  • A user might start by creating a new corporate record based on one of the firm's "standard" model companies.
  • Among the default values thereby provided are Registered and Records addresses, authorized share structure - and even incorporator and First Director information, if the practice of the firm is to use a solicitor to incorporate.
  • Users create a new task of type "Incorporation" to assemble incorporation documents.
  • Once the documents are returned and reviewed, another "document" captioned "BC Form 1 (Online)" is chosen with the Incorporation task.

  • ALF will remember the user from the last filing - as well as that person's filing preferences (pick-up or delivery, etc.) - and will validate the data entry to ensure that the data to be passed from ALF contains the information required to complete an incorporation.

  • "Finish" the Online Filing Assistant wizard and ALF looks after the rest.

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  • Within seconds the "Draft Filing" appears; once accepted, the receipt shows for the user (and may optionally be emailed), and the completed Form 1 - as returned by COLIN - appears.

  • ALF saves the completed Form 1 with the "Assembled Documents" related to the task.

  • As with any filing made through the BC Online access portal, all billing is accomplished using the users' BC Online billing account. *

*Use of ALF WebFiler is on a fee-per-transaction basis. Current fees are $4.50, plus GST, for all filings except for the Form 1 - Incorporation, for which $7.50, plus GST, applies. For more information see WebFiler pricing grid.


WebFiler is a trademark of ALF Software Inc.


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