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ALF | Corporate 2.7 - Testimonials

"ALF has been instrumental in streamlining our corporate document production. It is user friendly, intuitive and flexible."

Corinna McInnes, Bennett Jones LLP, Calgary

"ALF plays a key role in enabling Davis & Company LLP to provide its large and diverse client base with the utmost in corporate records services. The staff's expertise is reflected in their always quick and courteous service."

Lily Sim, DLA Piper, Vancouver

"ALF has and will have a tremendous impact on reducing my workload and making me more effective and efficient."

Pattee Clark, Digby Leigh & Company, North Vancouver

"ALF is a terrific tool for corporate records professionals. ALF Corporate allows us to gather corporate information in an easy manner and the document assembly feature allows us to create both simple and complicated corporate documents and resolutions quickly and efficiently.

The ALF Virtual Minute Book and Intranet allows our lawyers to access their client’s corporate information and records from their desk – a feature which is much appreciated by lawyers and staff alike. As an administrator, I really appreciate the accessibility of the precedent templates - it is so easy to create precedents to respond to the needs of our department! Lastly, I really appreciate how responsive the ALF team is to any problems which we may encounter."

Sarah Hanna, Paralegal

"All of the people at ALF are knowledgeable, friendly, patient and dedicated to providing top-quality service. I highly recommend ALF."

Pam Lowther, Fulton & Company, Kamloops

"Having ALF is like having a personal assistant who remembers everything. When clients call, everything is at my finger tips and they all think they're my favourite client. ALF totally rocks."

Mindi B. Cofman, Vancouver

"I have used other document assembly programs and found ALF to be superior in all areas including stability, support and ease of use from both a user and administrative perspective.  I have worked with ALF for the past 9 years and can't imagine life with out it.  Paul and his team have been great to work with and consistently provide an exceptional level of service."

Angela Darrah, Gowling WLG, Calgary

"I'll never again work at a law firm that doesn't have ALF."

Diana Haynes, author of DBA Legal guides, Paralegal

"I had used ALF exclusively for several years.  When I changed firms we briefly tried another program but within only a few months we found it to be limited and often incorrect in how it described and recorded complex transactions.   

Regardless of the transaction, ALF is always able to properly record and describe it.   Questions are always handled promptly and efficiently by the wonderful support team either by phone or email,  and the ALF user forum threads and guides provide a wealth of information, including excellent step-by-step  instructions.  I have no hesitation in recommending ALF to any firm, and believe it is far superior to any other corporate records program available."

Alli Lyde-Stad, Janine A.S. Thomas Law Corporation, Vancouver

"ALF is great to work with. I find every day another little shortcut that makes my work faster, easier, and more accurate."

Gabrielle Komorowska, Kahn, Zack, Ehrlick, Lithwick, Richmond

"ALF Corporate with WebFiler eliminates the tedium of re-typing data on-line and ensures filing
accuracy. Tasks are completed so quickly through WebFiler that productivity is significantly

Shae Korres, Stikeman Elliot, Vancouver

"We've found ALF to be invaluable over the years and I really can't imagine our Corporate Department running efficiently without it... and of course the support staff is great too."

Glennis Fraser, Paralegal, Vancouver

"While the program itself is truly remarkable, it is the customer service that has impressed us the most. The team at ALF made themselves available on short notice to get us set up and they have been there for us every step along the way.

Whenever we have a question they are only a phone call or email away and the response we get is always quick. Most importantly, they do whatever it takes to answer our questions. We would highly recommend ALF to any law firm that handles corporate records."

Karen Fruitman, Magellan Law Group LLP, Langley

"ALF is not only a powerful tool for generation of documents in all types of transactions, but Virtual Minute Book goes "above and beyond" and, for our firm, has become a digital record of a total corporate reorganization, eliminating the need to keep additional hard (paper) records in document briefs. 

We now have the best of both worlds - digital records in individual companies and a total record of the whole reorganization which may involve multiple companies - all available with a click of the mouse."

Jean Senger, Mair Jensen Blair LLP, Kamloops

"Great service... ALF staff are helpful, responsive, friendly and accommodating."

Naomi Youngson, McCarthy Tétrault LLP, Vancouver

"In the 16 plus years of being corporate Paralegals, this is the first program we would, without hesitation, recommend to anyone who asked. We have been absolutely blown away by the capabilities of the system."

Gale Johnson and Donna Read, McPherson Leslie Tyerman LLP and Parlee McLaws LLP, Edmonton

"ALF is, by far, the most intuitive and user-friendly database out there.  You know it's good when the securities lawyers want their files in ALF because they trust its record-keeping capabilities.

As for ALF support, I can't begin to express how amazing they are.  Not only are they available almost instantly, they always seem to know, or can visualize, exactly what the problem is.  Paul and his team make it so easy to understand template coding which in turn makes it easier to customize all of our precedents."

Chele Taylor, Parlee McLaws LLP, Calgary

"I've used ALF for several years and there hasn't been a time - ever - that I haven't received friendly, prompt, efficient, problem-solving service. They know the program, they always know the answer and if they don't know it immediately, they find it."

Dianne Strilchuk, Porrelli Law, Kelowna

"From ease of implementation and overall stability, to the superior customer service and support, ALF and the staff at ALF are second to none."

Jenny Redford, Singleton Urquhart LLP, Vancouver

"I could never have survived as the sole corporate records person without this software. It is a pleasure to be asked about ALF. I cannot recommend the product and the people highly enough."

Lynn Nelson, Webster Hudson & Coombe LLP



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