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The ALF Scanning Assistant, part of ALF Enterprise Edition, is a component of ALF's so-called "virtual minute book" (with ALF Intranet). The Scanning Assistant helps users to create electronic representations of original corporate documents typically found in a corporate entity's physical minute book.

There are several reasons why a corporate department may use to use such a tool:

  • To allow easy access across the firm's network to the documents in an entity's minute book.
  • To help a law firm respond more quickly to requests to email copies of documents (whether from a client, or an accountant, banker, etc.).
  • To create electronic backup copies of physical documents to protect against loss.
  • To move physical minute books off-site in order to free up space within the office.

Following is a discussion of the features of ALF's Scanning Assistant, which is accessible from within a corporate record in ALF Corporate by clicking the button captioned "Minute Book". You may click on any image to view a larger version.

  • Create a virtual minute book by choosing "Minute Book" button and choosing the appropriate minute book definition, as added by your ALF administrator, in order to add the appropriate set of "tabs".

  • Intuitive user interface mimics the tabs of a physical minute book, and permits grouping, searching, and sorting.

  • Add a new document to the minute book either by dragging and dropping from Windows or MS Outlook, or choose "New" to scan (or upload) a new document with wizard-based input form.
  • ALF can operate a connected scanner directly in order to take over the entire scanning process, or you can browse the network to upload a document already scanned or otherwise received.

  • Name the document either by choosing from a pre-defined (by your ALF administrator) set of documents, or name the document directly.

  • Choose the minute book tab behind which you wish to file the document.

  • View, launch, or email the result from the tabbed interface.


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