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ALF Intranet is an entirely web-based application designed to allow read-only browsing of the ALF data - and scanned minute book documents - from anywhere within the firm or even from your clients' desktops. ALF Intranet is a component - with the ALF Scanning Assistant - of ALF's so-called "virtual minute book".

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ALF Intranet is available only with the Enterprise Edition of ALF Corporate, and includes the following features:

  • Secured access, as configured by the user firm's ALF administrator.

  • ALF Intranet "Home Page" provides information dashboard for lawyers and staff to find quick figures, reports, and an easy method to search for corporate records.

  • Advanced search form provides options for detailed searches of all corporate data.

  • Intuitive hypertext navigation provides easy access to corporate summary information...

  • well as detailed summary information on associated "persons" or share classes.

  • Optionally allow firm-wide access to assembled documents, registers, and scanned minute book documents (added with the ALF Scanning Assistant).

  • ALF Administrator creates users and groups with specific access to corporate data; for example, to provide a client with access only to her family of companies.


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