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ALF | Corporate 3.0 Feature Grid, Standard vs. Enterprise Editions

The feature grid below describes the differences between ALF Corporate 2.7 and the new ALF Standard Edition and ALF Enterprise Edition.



Version 2.7

Standard 3.0

Enterprise 3.0


High performance SQL database


Integrated document scripting and assembly


Integrated report-writing with output to MS Word


Ad-hoc query tool

  ALF WebFiler online filing tool*
  All list elements can be sorted, grouped, and printed  

Advanced query forms (corporate entities and share transactions)


Report output to Excel and MS Outlook


ALF @ Home start page

  Retrieve data directly from BC Corporate Registry*  
  Wizard-based data entry for new entity, share transaction  

Unlimited, categorized "notes" fields available for entity


Import and attach micellaneous documents


Advanced, printable, pie-charting of shareholdings


Add "aliases" for persons


User security with "permission" and "access" levels

  Improved task support (Amalgamate,Continue,Dissolve,Register)  

ALF Scanning Assistant to "virtualize" minute books


ALF Intranet for web-based, read-only browsing


Audit trail feature for field change history **


Custom fields with ALF Assembler module


Assemble to PDF forms


Corporate ownership charting


*Fee for service applies.
** Requires Microsoft SQL Server deployment


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