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ALF | Corporate 3.0 - Standard Edition

ALF Corporate is a Windows-based application program designed to assist corporate legal departments with the maintenance of all aspects of their minute books.  The program combines an SQL-server database engine for data storage, a graphical user interface for data-entry, a customizable document assembly engine for producing corporate documents, and a configurable report-writer for producing listing and “bring-forward” reports.

Following is a summary of some of the features of our new ALF Version 3.0, which is available in two editions: Standard and Enterprise. Please also see a description of the additional features of ALF Enterprise Edition, which includes both ALF Intranet and the ALF Scanning Assistant.

Please also refer to a feature comparison grid of Standard vs. Enterprise.

You may click on any image to view a larger version.

  • “ALF @ Home” page displays convenient and operational-critical information to users, including selectable lists of records most recently edited or added to the database, “ticklers” due for attention, “pending” tasks initiated by the logged-in user.

  • Advanced query forms permit highly specific and comprehensive searches of all corporate records, name records, business names, assembled documents, tasks (both pending and confirmed), ticklers, and more.

  • Wizard-based data entry, as for adding a new corporate record to the database (“card”), ensure ease and speed of data entry.

  • New "data-retrieval" (for which a fee-for-service applies) retrieves data from the British Columbia Corporate Registry and populates the ALF database with Registry data. More information about this service is available here.

  • Improved interface designed to keep familiarity of ALF 2.7 while adding dozens of additional means to search, display, group, and print information within a corporate record.
  • Standards-based, highly graphical and intuitive data entry screens ensure ease of use, speed and consistency of data-entry.

  • Sub-panels (as on the "General" data-entry form, above) allow for hidden complexity of detailed and structured corporate data - including new "Corporate History".

  • Context-sensitive, date-and-user stamped notes allow for the entry of an unlimited number of printable, unstructured data for each record.

  • Create share structure either from original “model” used to create the record, or copy structure from another company in the database.

  • Detailed description of share activity allows input of complex share transactions and capital alterations.
  • Status flags associated with data entry help to track “Pending” and “Confirmed” matters so as to ensure accuracy of minute book.

  • Detailed relationships among transactions, shareholdings, shareholders and share certificates maintained in easy-to-navigate “list | detail” sub-panel structure.

  • Print button associated with all lists (share classes, transactions, directors, officers, etc.) allows for ease of export of list data – to MS Word, HTML, Excel, text, or MS Outlook.

  • All list items (share classes, transactions, certificates, shareholdings) can be sorted and grouped for ease of review.
  • Advanced search button associated with all lists (as for share class transactions below) allow for quick searches of class-related transactions.

  • All historical data – as for removed share classes, shareholders, officers, and directors (below) - is maintained and optionally “archived”.

  • Unique “Task” orientation provides intuitive means to track work-in-progress, organize precedent documents, and save completed documents.

  • Automated and fully-integrated document assembly includes instant generation of resolutions, letters, agreements, memoranda, envelopes, mailing labels, forms (including PDF) or any other document added by a user firm’s ALF administrator.
  • Date-sensitivity of all task-related documents guarantees accurate document output even for companies with a long history of complex corporate change (PDF assembly, illustrated below, available only with ALF Enterprise Edition).

  • Package assembly intelligently generates – based on data entered for a company or a task – a chosen package of several or dozens of administrator-defined documents with the click of a button.

  • Documents assemble showing "merged" information in blue text for ease of review and automatically save on the network into integrated document management system.

  • Instant generation of Registers of Directors, Register of Officers, shareholding ledgers (Central Securities Registers for a class of shares or related to individual shareholder) and share certificates.
  • Attach miscellaneous external documents to a corporate record rather than relying on external file system or document management (or use ALF's Scanning Assistant, part of ALF Enterprise Edition for minute book documents).

  • Instantly produce and print graphical displays of shareholdings for company showing voting shareholdings or all, and including "confirmed" only or including pending (for "before and after" snapshot of shareholder changes).

  • New “alias” structure for "person" records allows a given person in the database to use different names (with initials or not, for example) for a given corporate record if required.

  • Produce "Profile" report for any person (or corporate record) showing all database affiliations - both "Pending" and "Confirmed", and including aliases.

  • Advanced entity bring-forward system includes complex query options and output options, including "Calendar View".

  • ALF's unique WebFiler™ technology eliminates the need to retype data when performing online filing with the British Columbia Corporate Registry. A summary of this feature is found on our ALF WebFiler overview.
  • ALF’s associated (and included) ALF Administrator module provides all of the administrative tools required for ALF Corporate maintenance and customization.
  • Integration of precedent documents defined precisely according to relevance with respect to incorporating jurisdiction, entity type (company, society, limited partnership), professional corporation type (if any), and “Task” (and more).

  • ALF’s use of “base templates” for document integration means that common portions of documents (letterhead, formats for heading and execution blocks of resolutions, etc.) are added only once – and are thus easily edited or associated with new templates.
  • Powerful and intuitive scripting language (“ALF Script”) permits addition of merge fields to represent singular field values or repeating list items and complex (and nested) “IF-ELSE-END” logic.

  • Administrators have access to a myriad of system-related data in order to add or edit lookup-list data (define entity “types”, jurisdictions, professional corporation types, certificate “cancel” and “issue” reasons).  
  • Ability to add, edit or delete system-related information, such as associated addresses (registered office, records office, bank, accountant, etc.), and execution preferences.
  • Centralized administration of ALF users across firm (and across office locations of the firm) allow ALF administrator to control precisely who has access to ALF and what their restrictions are (if any) on data review and data edit.


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