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ALF | Corporate 3 - Site Index

The overview provided on this site, an index to which is below, is intended for review only by current ALF users, or by those specifically granted password access.

1. ALF 3 Standard Edition

A. ALF @ Home, start-up page

B. Advanced company search, reporting options

C. Data-entry wizards ("model" data entry)

D. Share transactions, certificates, shareholdings

E. MS Outlook report output (and MS Word, HTML, Excel)

F. Tasks, "status", document and package assembly

G. Importing "external" documents (or whatever else)

H. Shareholdings piecharting, options

I. Person "alias" feature, and personal affiliation report

J. Bring-forward system; calendar view

K. ALF Administrator, template and user maintenance

2. ALF 3 Enterprise Edition
(see also included ALF Intranet and Scanning Assistant)

A. "Audit trail" feature for auditing data changes

B. ALF Assembler module and "custom" fields

C. PDF form scripting, assembly

D.  Corporate ownership charting

3. ALF Scanning Assistant

A.  Minute book definition, tabs
B.  Tabbed "virtual minute book" interface
C.  Document scan / upload assistant

4. ALF Intranet

A.  Secured login, "home" page
B.  Read-only corporate summary
C.  Hyperlink browsing of corporations, share classes, "persons"
D.  Virtual minute book interface, launching scanned documents
E.  Securing ALF data for client "extranet" access

5. ALF WebFiler for COLIN and CORES

A.  Automated online filing
B.  How does it work
C.  WebFiler fees and payment

4. Feature comparison chart, Standard vs. Enterprise

5. Testimonials from ALF Corporate users










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